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Market Insight

Find out what’s happening in the market and how this will shape your job search and recruitment plans

The Sales Doctor

Let the Sales Doctor help you with tips on developing your career and skills


BMS Bites

A series of tutorials that will provide you with practical advice on getting through each step of the recruitment process

Career Corner

A wealth of tips and advice covering everything from CV's and interviews through to references and recruiters

Employer Videos

Find out what hiring managers really think about key elements in the recruitment process. They go on camera to tell you and offer you advice

In this video employers discuss how they filter CVs and how they...

employer videos - reviewingandselectingcvs.jpg

How do you get promoted? Employers give advice on what they did to move...

employer videos - gettingpromoted.jpg

Do employers use social networking sites as part of the recruitment...

employer videos - checkingonlineprofiles.jpg

What are your weaknesses is a notoriously difficult and badly handled...

employer videos - understandingyourweaknesses.jpg

Employers share the benefit of their experience in moving between roles...

employer videos - changing career direction1.jpg

What is the best way to explain a redundancy in an interview? What...

employer videos - explainingredundancy.jpg

In this video employers discuss the things that motivate them in work....

employer videos - what motivates you.jpg

In this video employers discuss their views on redundancy. Does...

employer videos - viewsonredundancy1.jpg

In this video recruiters explain the best ways for candidates to...

employer videos-howtoapproachrecruiters.jpg

In this video employers discuss their views about how self-aware a...

employer videos-understandingyourskills.jpg

This video gives insight into what employers really think of recruiters...

employer videos - doyouuserecruiters1.jpg

Employers suggest techniques to help inspire you when you are job...

employer videos - inspired job hunting.jpg

Here are some techniques you need to use to get the most out of your...

employer videos - jobhuntingtechniques2.jpg

This video provides insight into how employers get ready for interview...

employer videos-interviewerpreparation1.jpg

In this video employers discuss why they were impressed with the last...

employer videos - impressinterviewers2.jpg

Research is vital and makes the difference between an average and a...

employer videos - researchtechniques1.jpg

In this video employers give you some suggestions about what to do to...

employer videos - interviewtips1.jpg

In this video employers give opinions about why it's important to...

employer video - importanceofgreatCV1.jpg

In this video employers discuss the key points they evaluate you...

employer video - whatemployerslookfor1.jpg

In this video employers suggest techniques and rules to follow when...

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