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Industry Overview

The demand for employees in retail has been flat for the past year whilst the sector struggled with the tough economic climate.

However, the booming online retail sector has opened up many new opportunities within traditional companies and young upstarts.


Industry Overview

The UK media sector employs 550,000 people and encompasses opportunities in broadcasting, journalism, publishing, animation, computer games, film production and interactive media.

A broad way of describing the sector is any organisation creating, sourcing or distributing content (e.g. news, articles, videos, radio broadcasts, books) to its final (mass) audience.

Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology

Industry Overview

The healthcare sector remains one of the fastest growing parts of the global economy and one of the biggest challenges facing policy makers and the private sector.

The cost of healthcare continues to outpace inflation in virtually every country in the world, and efforts at reform and cost containment make operating a commercial venture in the sector a continually dynamic enterprise.

Information Technology

Industry Overview

The IT industry remains incredibly strong, even in the face of tough economic conditions. It employs nearly 900,000 people and is responsible for over 8% of the UKs economy - and that's before even considering the people who work in IT for non-IT companies.

Accountancy, Professional Services

Industry Overview

The demand for accountancy and professional services is growing; good news for all employees in this demanding sector.

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