Best FMCG TV Ad Campaign?


With competition for sales at an all-time high and shopper loyalty at a low, the importance of sales and marketing people can’t be underestimated.
Every now and again the humble sales person is giving a helping hand through ingenious advertising. This raises the question “which has been the best FMCG Ad of the last decade?”

We did a quick sweep of the office to see what they thought and got a variety of answers…

Those in the office with their finger on the pulse suggested the rapping farmers from Yeo Valley have become an online sensation. Less than 48 hours after the two minute ad was aired in the first ad break of The X Factor, the film had been viewed 210,000 times on Youtube.


The arty brigade was keen to point out the merits of the Guinness Horses and Surfers advert. I lost interest when they started talking using words like juxtaposition.

The ladies in our office had a very heated debate over the Diet Coke advert...


and the Levi's Laundrette advert:

The juvenile section of the office were firmly in the camp of the Tango Orange man:


Also the famous full moon, half moon advert for McVities Jaffa cakes tickles a few people:

For very different reasons we had one guy torn between Yellow Pages J. R Hartley:

and Boddingtons Melanie Sykes. A bizarre dilemma I know!

My personal favourite would have to be the Cadbury's Dairy Milk ad. A gorilla playing the drums - what does it mean? Who knows! Did it make me smile? And did it get people talking? Most definitely!


So as brands battle for sales who is going to be the next to captivate consumers with an iconic ad campaign and who is your personal favourite?

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