The rise in online offers massive opportunities for media sales people

Now is a great time to be getting into the media and advertising industry. Everyone’s reading, viewing, clicking, watching and commenting on something online. In the UK, 71% of us have access to the internet from home, we’ve watched 5.5 billion videos online in February this year, 26 million of us are registered on Facebook, and 60% of us accessed the internet at least once a day in 2010.

This clearly presents an opportunity for marketers, publishers and businesses to promote their products and services, publish content and to advertise too. With more of us expecting this content to be on demand and there’s already 7.1 million of us accessing it through our smart phones, this trends is only going to continue.

This makes now a great time to get into the media and advertising industry. If you haven’t got experience selling in the online space, now is a good time to try position yourself so you to get it,  and if you have it, now might be a good time to get a media sales job.  

This is not to say that more traditional channels are dead. Marketers will still advertise in publications and newspapers, take exhibition space at key industry events, sponsor publisher led seminars but increasingly will want to integrate this with an online component in their campaigns. It is also easier to demonstrate ROI by measuring clicks, time on site, page views and when looking at engagement, maybe even @replies, comments and Facebook likes. This benefit to marketers has been especially important in justifying spend with ever tightening budgets.

Publishers are producing more content than ever and have more channels by which to promote it through. Go on any major news sites these days and yes you’ll find the latest news but you will also be able to watch interviews, download podcasts, install the app and view the webinar.

Where ever online audiences are, you can rest assured that marketers and publishers will follow. This creates massive opportunities for sales professionals and be under no illusion that this juggernaut is not going to stop. Here’s just a few stats to take note of when looking into sales recruitment or looking for your next media sales job.

  • UK online advertising spend increased by 10% in first half of 2010, making this the most dominant channel for advertising. (The Internet Advertising Bureau)
  • Online video advertising has grown enormously up by a whopping 82% in to 20.7 million, a five-fold growth in two years
  • Advertising on social media sites accounts for 13% of all online display ads between January and June.
  • The Entertainment & Media sector is the top spender, accounting for 14.4% of all online display.
  • 68% of marketers believe 2010 will bring an increase in digital marketing budgets.
  • Mobile advertising is expected to grow to £355m in Britain by 2014PricewaterhouseCoopers, June 2010